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Chrome Rims for Cars, Trucks, and SUV

If your looking for the largest selection of custom chrome plated rims for your truck, SUV, or car, you've come to the right place. Element Wheels has put together the most comprehensive list of chrome wheels on any website, so we're confident that you'll find exactly what your looking for here.

Should I buy chrome rims?

If your looking to give your vehicle that extra classy look, then chrome is hands down the way to do it..  Chrome isn't necessarily going to make your wheels stand out more than any other color, but it sure will make your car, truck, or suv stand out.  It has a way of subtly adding class and luxury to your vehicle that no other color wheel can accomplish.

Are chrome rims safe to use in snow?

The salt that is used on the roads during snow has a corrosive property that will damage chrome plating on wheels.  We would suggest you use your factory wheels during those wintery season where salt will be used on the road.  If you absolutely don't want to compromise the luxury look of your ride during those times, be sure to rinse off your wheels very well anytime they may have come in contact with the salt in order to prevent any damage to your aftermarket chrome wheels.  Please be aware that damaged to chrome wheels caused by salt is fairly easy to determine, and most wheel manufacturers will not warranty salt damage to chrome wheels.

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